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David Whitten Photography David Whitten has been photographing the beauty of North America for over 30 years. His photographic interest has always been the natural landscape, the wild places, especially in and around the Rocky mountains and the Western United States. His photographs are in private and corporate collections around the world and have been seen in national and international publications including National Geographic, Sunset, Outside, National Geographic Traveler, Ski, Skiing and many others.

"A "careers" class at the University of Utah began my interest in photography. The first few years were mostly black and white classes and I learned the basics of films, prints and darkrooms. I read everything Ansel Adams ever wrote (and it's considerable) and began to understand what a photograph could be. (For some understanding of what made Ansel Adams the legend he is, read his book "Examples".) Most of what I've learned about photography has come from reading everything I could and years of working at the craft.

Photography is truly an art and equally a science and a mastery of both is required to consistently make good photographs. The knowledge of the art and science of photography can be refined and expanded infinitely and that, combined with a love of the outdoors has made it an endlessly interesting pursuit. There is always a possibility of a better photograph.

After a few years, I began making prints of some of my photographs and attempting to find ways to sell them. I approached some art galleries and began selling some of my photographs and also was given a job as a picture framer. Picture framing was one of the most valuable things I could be learning at that time and I worked in a shop with extremely high standards of quality in conservation framing and art care. I also worked several years at the Kimball Art Center. At the Art Center I was also teaching photography classes and was responsible for displaying and lighting the various rotating shows and shipping artwork. I was also in charge of the Art Center's darkroom and photo lab and made use of it processing my film and making prints. In 1996 I opened my own gallery on Main Street, Park City, Utah which I operated until November 2007. I've also been marketing my photographs as "Stock Photographs" for many years, uses such as magazines, advertising, websites, etc. My photographs have been used in many national magazines and international magazines.

I began in 1986 with a 35mm Olympus OM-4 and a group of the Zuiko lenses which I used for 13 years exclusively. I loved that camera and still have it. Still works. I haven't used it in many years. In 1994 I got my first 6x7 camera, a Pentax and a few lenses to go with it. Many of the photographs you see on my website are from the 6x7. The film is 6x7 centimeters which is 4 times the size of 35mm film and is capable of amazing resolution. All my color film has been Fujichrome Velvia since it first came on the market. Eventually I bought a series of Canon 35mm cameras (with a long AF lens) so that I could carry that as well as the 6x7 and have increased capabilities when opportunities for wildlife images presented themselves.

In 2007 I got my first digital camera, a Canon EOS-1 DS markII, and once switching to digital, there was no going back. (Now I've upgraded to the Canon 5D Mark II). The versatility and capabilities of these professional digital cameras are truly amazing.

All of my photographs are individually printed on Fuji Crystal Archive material. Fuji Crystal Archive Prints are the finest professional quality prints available in the industry today, an excellent choice for fine art reproductions and high resolution photographic displays. Each print is part of a limited edition and is individually signed and numbered by the artist.

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